amazon sports prime

Amazon Looks into Prime Sports Options

First it was free movies for Prime members, then it was the ability to add premium channels a la carte and now it seems that sports TV could be the next addition to Amazon’s ever-widening streaming programming line-up. Recently, the Internet giant has been in talks with such [...]Read more
hulu streaming service

Hulu’s Plan to Remake Streaming Television

For the last several years, if someone wanted to find old network reruns or limited on-air programming complete with commercials, Hulu was the place to be. Available via web or through a streaming box like Roku or Amazon’s Fire TV, Hulu was an unassuming service that really [...]Read more
screentest audience

Niche Programming Bucks the Screen Testing Trend

The most gut-wrenching part of getting most television series on the air is the deeply ingrained screen test process. Companies, like widely-utilized market research firm Screen Engine / ASI, have been arranging viewings of pilots with test audiences for the television and film [...]Read more
sport tv programming

Sports TV Bets Failing To Pay Out

Over the past 15 years, big media companies have been making increasingly pricey bets that sports fans across the country would refuse television packages if they didn’t include coverage of their favorite teams, paying out over $150 billion for rights to telecast games, [...]Read more

Gutsy Vice Media Launches All New Cable Channel

Vice Media, which started its foray into television with grisly documentaries produced for MTV2 almost a decade ago, is well on its way to being the first digital media company to launch its own cable television channel. Although marketers shied away from their programming on [...]Read more

Presidential Race Prompts Big Changes at CNN

CNN has long touted the tagline “fair and balanced,” but over the years many viewers have left the news network because they had the feeling it might not be so balanced anymore. In fact, for many, CNN had developed a reputation for being a little too left of center for their [...]Read more

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