Tech IPOs Looking Shaky, Correction May Be Coming

It’s not unusual for an IPO to backfire, resulting in stock prices that drop but ultimately recover over time. However, among tech startups, this situation is becoming more of an expectation than an occasional problem, making both IPO and pre-IPO investors extremely nervous. [...]Read more
grocer struggle market share

Grocers Struggle to Maintain Market Share

Much like their retail counterparts, grocery stores across America are suffering and losing share to shifts in how the public consumes. The grocery problem, however, goes beyond Amazon – though that is certainly an influence and may grow to become a serious threat with its [...]Read more

Robot Pickers Inching Closer to Production

eCommerce revenues are up considerably, topping $390 billion last year and doubling those of 2011, increasing the pressure on retailers and warehouses to pack more orders faster while maintaining high accuracy rates. Right now, that job is one entrusted to a group of 950,000 [...]Read more

Amazon Loses Q2 Profit, Eyes Long-Term Gains

In a recent earnings report,, Inc. announced that quarterly profit in the second quarter fell 77 percent, its lowest profit in nearly two years. The online retail giant said it is focusing on where all that money is being spent, namely on expansion of existing [...]Read more

Blue Apron’s IPO Faces Huge Challenges

If a company was spending a quarter of its revenue to find customers that cost about $94 each to buy a subscription-based product with a price tag of about $10 a person, many investors would be afraid to go near it. If they learned an estimated 60 percent of customers stopped [...]Read more

What the Charter and Comcast Deal Means for You

By all indicators, this will be a big year when it comes to mergers of all sizes. Companies are consolidating, rearranging and rebranding in an effort to remain competitive in a world where the goalposts are constantly moving. So, when the news of a Charter and Comcast deal hit [...]Read more

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