What the Charter and Comcast Deal Means for You

By all indicators, this will be a big year when it comes to mergers of all sizes. Companies are consolidating, rearranging and rebranding in an effort to remain competitive in a world where the goalposts are constantly moving. So, when the news of a Charter and Comcast deal hit [...]Read more

Hotels Look to Funnel Travel Site Bookings

Once, hotels and travel-booking sites had a sort of symbiotic relationship. Travel sites like Travelocity and Expedia would market aggressively and draw in customers who could choose from a list of available hotels, and the hotels would pay a commission for any customers who were [...]Read more

Amazon Pushes Deeper into the Grocery Market

When Amazon first announced its beta test of the Fresh program in 2007, it was a long foray from the Internet retailer’s world-class selection of books, electronics and other popular, non-perishable items. Fresh aimed to deliver groceries to Prime customers in cities like [...]Read more

Sears and Lampert Going Down Together

In 2006, hedge fund manager Edward S. Lampert was ranked number 67 on a Forbes list of the top 400 richest Americans, just above Amazon exec Jeff Bezos. Sears Holdings, which includes the Sears and Kmart brands, had a share price hovering around $162. That was then, and 11 years [...]Read more

Uber’s Gamification of its Driver Pool

Even as Uber struggles to develop more palatable relationships with its drivers, it’s interesting to note how many different tools the ride hailing service is still using to manipulate them. From encouraging longer drive times to moving drivers to areas where Uber would like [...]Read more

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