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A Hair Raising Solution

The parent company of the leading, non-surgical hair replacement chain in the United States was experiencing financial difficulties in the mid-1990's. Their franchisees, who represent 50% of the company's business, then decided to move their direct response media buying in 30 spot markets to Koeppel Direct, from a large media-buying firm in New York.

By 1997, the parent company was still experiencing financial problems. Based on Koeppel's strong media buying results for the franchisees, they referred Koeppel to their parent company, which had stopped advertising, because their average cost per sale had increased dramatically. This proved to be a major problem, since the company's business model is totally dependent upon generating leads through direct response advertising.

Koeppel developed a direct response radio campaign and began buying spot market radio in a few markets. The campaign was so successful, that it was rolled-out to all corporate and franchise markets. Koeppel then started buying short-form drtv television on national cable in late 1997 and long-form drtv in 1998, on both national cable and local broadcast stations. Today the company's Cost Per Sale has been reduced by 75%, their advertising spending is in the low eight figure range and the company is highly profitable.

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"Koeppel Direct's effective and efficient direct response media buying expertise helped in making my company highly profitable. Koeppel Direct bought DRTV media for us at the lowest prices and they were so instrumental in my company's success."

Sy Sperling
Founder, Hair Club

"Koeppel Direct's media buying expertise has played an integral role in making my company successful. Koeppel generated so much business for our company, occasionally we have to limit their media buys, in order to handle all of the new business."

R. Gregg
Marketer of Senior Products

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