Infographic: Millennials & Media Consumption

The millennial generation has been a game-changing demographic group for both advertisers and marketers. Glued to smart technology, this tech-savvy generation wants information instantaneously.  As this group is quickly becoming a large consumer base, advertisers are seeking to [...]Read more
super bowl

Should Super Bowl Acts Pay to Play?

Super Bowl half time shows have become just as important as the game themselves. But now a few high profile acts are being asked to pay up in order for the honor of performing in front of a live national audience. For the 2015 Super Bowl, the NFL has selected three potential [...]Read more

OkCupid’s Study Raise Questions About Testing Ethics

Fresh on the heels of Facebook’s controversial disclosure of a social media experiment , OKCupid released results from three tests it conducted on users. The popular online dating site selectively edited profiles, hid pictures and skewed compatibility scores to see how users [...]Read more
automated advertising buying

Automatic Ad Sales are Slow to Start with TV

Although automation has taken over a great number of systems, and quite successfully, automated TV ad buying isn’t one of them. While there are multiple technology companies that are trying to automate the process of TV ad buying, it isn’t being accepted widely across the [...]Read more
online video advertising

Online Video Finally Starts to Attract Television Money

Advertisers have been very loyal to television, even with the advent of online video and increase in Internet viewership. However, the time has finally come when media buyers and advertisers are following the masses to the web. Multiple major advertisers, including MasterCard, [...]Read more

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