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07/13:Netflix Plays Its Cards Right'
The Emmy nominations are the first for Netflix. They are an indication that the company's move to expand beyond curating content to producing its own shows is paying off -- and possibly rewriting the rules as to what a streaming media company can do to shake up the industry3....more...

07/13:Peter Koeppel will present 'Create A Sales Boom with Baby Boomers!'
Direct marketing industry authority Peter Koeppel will present "Create a Sales Boom With Baby Boomers!" during the upcoming D2C Convention being presented by the Electronic Retailing Association on September 26, 2013....more...

08/11:A New Front: U.S. Military and Social Media
In the everything-in-real-time world we now find ourselves in, social media platforms are
becoming more useful and practical for spreading the word, reaching out, and connecting in new
and previously unimagined ways...more...

06/11:YouTube: Now With More Channels
But the grainy moving images of skateboarding tricks, spoof music videos and cats
chasing laser pointers were quickly edged out of the way by premium content from competing
online video providers...more...

03/11:Magazines Gotta Change for Tablet Market
The tablet market is expected to hit 58 million units by 2014, according to In-Stat.
Though surfing the Internet and emailing are the top two activities for most tablet users...more...

01/11:How Do I Love Thee, Smartphone?
What may have seemed like science fiction just a few decades ago is now the norm
we can carry around portable communication devices that can take pictures, connect us
with loved ones, organize our lives and, if technology permits, pay for goods and services...more...


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