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Multi-Channel Direct Response Television
That Delivers Superior Response and ROI

At Koeppel Direct we use DRTV as the hub for integrated campaigns to create awareness and drive sales across all channels. Our direct marketing arsenal includes DRTV, online, radio, print, and mobile engineered to seamlessly integrate and deliver accountable results. Whether your customer picks up the phone, orders online, or buy at retail, our media will drive purchase intent, deliver ROI, and engage your consumer with a consistent and cost-effective media presence.

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Direct Response Marketing Agency: What We Do

  • One direct response company in the television industry is leading the charge to provide clients with an integrated, multi-channel direct response media buying strategy. That company is Koeppel Direct/

  • We integrate all the key mediums that comprise an effective direct response media buy, including DRTV - direct response television, online, print and radio; to ensure the success of the client's direct response media campaign.

  • As a direct response agency, our staff works closely with our clients, guiding them through all stages of the media buying process, from DRTV media testing and analysis, through roll-out.

  • Our approach enables Koeppel to deliver direct response media buys that lead to direct results.

  • We know the 'ins' and 'outs' of maximizing the impact of a television direct response advertising campaign.

  • The caliber of our direct response media buying performance is why marketers depend on Koeppel Direct's professionals, campaign after campaign.

  • Service to our clients is our top priority.

  • Clients receive drtv media buying results that are measurable, specific and immediate.

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"Koeppel Direct's effective and efficient direct response media buying expertise helped in making my company highly profitable. Koeppel Direct bought DRTV media for us at the lowest prices and they were so instrumental in my company's success."

Sy Sperling
Founder, Hair Club

"Koeppel Direct's media buying expertise has played an integral role in making my company successful. Koeppel generated so much business for our company, occasionally we have to limit their media buys, in order to handle all of the new business."

R. Gregg
Marketer of Senior Products

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